How To Dispose Of Paint

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Paint is a common household item, but disposing of it can be challenging. If not done properly, it can harm the environment and pose a threat to human health. However, with proper disposal methods, you can protect the environment while getting rid of your unwanted paint.

Here are some tips to help you dispose of paint in an environmentally friendly way:

  1. Use it up: The best way to dispose of paint is to use it up. If you have leftover paint, consider using it for touch-ups or small projects around the house.
  2. Give it away: If you have a small amount of paint that you no longer need, consider giving it to friends, family, or a local organization.
  3. Recycle it: Paint can be recycled into new paint or used for other purposes, such as fuel. You can locate a paint recycling center near you using the location finder on the PaintCare website (
  4. Dispose of it properly: If you can’t use it up, give it away, or recycle it, the last resort is to dispose of it. Do not pour it down the drain or toss it in the trash. Instead, take it to a local household hazardous waste collection facility.

By following these tips, you can dispose of paint in an environmentally friendly way. Not only will you be protecting the environment, but you will also be helping to reduce waste and conserve resources.

Remember, paint should never be poured down the drain, on the ground, into storm sewers, or thrown in the trash. Proper disposal of paint protects our water and the environment, and conserves natural resources.”