Carpet Removal Service

carpet removal

Is it time to replace your old carpet in your home or business?  You must first pull up and then haul away your existing flooring. This can be laborious work in a large home or business, plus messy and time consuming, 

Newtown Junk Removal removes all types of household and commercial carpeting.  Our service includes removal of carpet, padding, tack strips and staples. We will move all the furniture out of the room prior to removal.  After we remove the carpet we broom sweep, than move all the furniture back into the room for you.  


Why Choose Us To Remove Your Carpet

Removing carpet is dirty, heavy work. Our team has extensive experience removing all types of carpeting material. We have specialized equipment for even the toughest carpet removal jobs.  Carpet removal is a delicate process and therefore, this service needs to be done by an expert who knows how to professionally remove carpets. If your going to remove the carpet on your own, please be careful as to not damage the floors. Carpets that cover an entire wall are very challenging to remove and extra attention is required during the removal process.

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