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Its easy! When you are ready to get rid of your junk, call Newtown Junk Removal for a free no obligation quote. We specialize in the eco-friendly removal of non-hazardous materials from your home. We aim to donate, reuse or recycle what we collect, and reduce the amount of waste added to landfills each year.

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Newtown Junk Removal just did a fantastic job!! Newtown Junk is a wonderful company to do business with! My dad passed and I needed help cleaning out his house. I was very overwhelmed at first. The folks at Newtown Junk were kind and explained the best way to get this huge job completed. I simply put all the small stuff in contractor bags and left the big stuff like furniture, mattresses, and appliances. Newtown Junk then came with a crew of guys and loaded their dumpster with items from the house. They always maximized the space in the dumpster. They were careful removing the old stuff not to damage the home. Newtown Junk was able to spread the work out based on budget. They did just as much as I needed. I had them to the house on 4 different occasions and each time they showed up on time did a fantastic job. Thanks so much Newtown Junk for making a seemingly impossible task inexpensive and easy.
Bridgewater, CT Review 8/12/2020