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Newtown Junk Removal provides an efficient, safe and eco-friendly appliance removal services.  Lifting heavy objects alone can be dangerous, and can cause serious back injuries if done incorrectly.  Not only that, but we make sure that your old appliances end up at a recycling facility to ensure your appliance is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Looking for a top-notch appliance removal service? Look no further than Newtown Junk Removal. We are dedicated to provide fast, efficient, and professional service at a price you can afford.

The best thing about our appliance removal service is that we don’t offer skyrocketing rates. In fact, ours is 25% cheaper than our leading competitors. What’s more, we have set prices on appliances as well as offer discounts for driveway pickup, saving you more money down the road.

We Remove All Types Of Appliances

What is Appliance Removal?

Appliance removal is recycling or finding new life for your old appliances. Every year, millions of homeowners, restaurants, apartment complexes and other businesses replace their old, inefficient, broken or appliances with new appliances designed to be more efficient and more attractive. New appliances don’t just look better – they’re more efficient – and that’s better for the planet.

The biggest obstacle with appliance removal is that it is almost never a DIY project. Most large appliances weigh too much for one person to safely move. And even with two people the job still requires proper equipment like a hand truck or furniture dolly, furniture straps, and to be taped to keep the lids and panels closed while in transit so your walls and doorways do not get damaged.

Unlike regular “garbage” that can be dragged to the curb and picked up by municipal waste collectors, appliances need to be disposed of in specific ways. That includes refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners that contain ozone-depleting refrigerants.

And finally appliance removal means moving it out of the house and up into the back of the truck or onto the trailer to be transported to a recycling center.

Selecting an Appliance Removal Company

Here are some essential considerations you should you consider when choosing a company to come to your home and take away your old appliances.

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