Lawn Equipment Removal Service

old lawn tractor removal service

Spring is here!  It’s time to cut the lawn and your garden tractor won’t start again.  How do you dispose of it in an environmentally safe way?  Give Newtown Junk Removal a call!  Even if it has 4 flat tires and is stuck in your shed, we have the tools and equipment to safely remove any size tractor, mower and all types of lawn equipment. 

We Remove All Types Of Lawn Equipment

How to Dispose of an Old Lawn Tractor

Its easy!  Newtown Junk Removal can remove any type of tractor from your property.  Small or large we have the equipment to safely remove and recycle your old lawn tractors. Leave it to the pros and call Newtown Junk Removal today!


Selecting an Lawn Equipment Removal Company

Here are some essential considerations you should you consider when choosing a company to come to your home and take away your old appliances.

Customer Reviews

Transparent Pricing


Licensed and Insured

Permitted by your regional, governmental, waste management and recycling authority.

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