Storage Unit Cleanout Services

storage unit cleanout

Storage units are a great place to store your belonging.  They are a temporary solution when your downsizing your home, moving or just ran out space in your home.  Many times they become cluttered beyond the point where your maximizing your space and money.  Cleaning out a storage unit by yourself can be pretty daunting. If you need a hand with storage unit junk removal, we’re happy to help! 

Do you need help cleaning out your storage unit? Storage unit cleanouts are our specialty.  If you need your storage unit cleaned out and are under a deadline, contact Newtown Junk Removal for our courteous and professional team.  We will clear your unwanted belongings quick and efficiently. 

No Item Too Big Or Small

Having the right tools for the job is important when cleaning out storage units. Our trucks are equipped with lift gates for the extra heavy items you may need junked in your storage units. So whether you’re calling about a refrigerator, bulky cabinet, or appliances, you can leave it all to us.

Additional Storage Unit Cleanout Services

Feeling overwhelmed? If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to your storage unit cleanout, maybe we can help. 

  1. We can help sort your storage unit for easy access to your belongings. 
  2. For items you wish to keep in storage, we can stack them neatly, and categorize them to help you find the items easier in the future. 
  3. For items you wish to get rid of, we can load them up in our truck and drive to the local recycling center.
  4. For items you wish to donate, we can bag smaller items and move larger items to the nearest donations center.

We Care About The Planet

We are fully committed to keeping junk out of landfills. At Newtown Junk Removal our team understands that not everyone has time to recycle their clutter. That’s why we’re proud to offer convenient, all-in-one recycling solutions along with our quick and efficient junk removal services.

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